Epistane 10 (desoxymethyltestosterone) has been mistaken as an anti-E at times, although it does not cause Estrogen related side effects and has been reported by users to lower Estrogen, it should not be confused as a pure AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) compound. For the trained Athlete, Epistane works as a Anabolic agent that delivers dry, lean muscle gains, and works great for cutting as well. Epistane is much more Anabolic than most people realize and is often under estimated because it is an analogue of an anti-estrogen drug used in Japan. This has caused some people to mistakenly think Epistane has the same properties, yet that is not the case.

.Epistane 10 is not just a Pro-hormone, it is already a very powerful active compound that attaches to and activates Androgen Receptor sites.It is a designer hormone, designed to give you the very best Anabolic effects with limited side-effects from Androgens.

Epistane 10 causes muscle growth, without being too harsh of an Androgen, thus avoiding side-effects like hairloss and bad acne. Epistane s mild Androgenic effects, with heavy anabolic effects can be explained by taking a closer look at it s “Myotropic Ratio”, which is a more technical term used to explain the different in how each hormone acts in the body. When it comes to Epistane, it s “Mytotropic Ratio” is in range of other hormones like Anavar 50, in that it is way more Anabolic than Androgenic when attaching to receptor sites in the muscle cells and other places.

In more technical terms, when compared to other popular prosteroids on paper, Epistane is 15 times more myotrophic than Hallodrol, one of the most popular pro steroids. It has a vastly superior "myotrophic ratio" of 12 whereas H-drol has a myotrophic ratio of 2.6 . In layman s terms, on a milligram-per-milligram basis, Epistane is far less likely (4.62x less like than Halofrol) to induce undesirable, androgenic mediated type side effects such as acne and hair loss.

Keep in mind that the above statement is dose related as Epistane is a very strong prosteroid. If you ran a cycle of Epistane with some other oral steroids, like Anavar 50, Epistane is already very strong and doses of 30-40mg a day are all that s needed to induce very desirable results. For more experienced users some may go as high as 60mg.

Effective dose(men): 30-60mg per day

Effective dose(women): not recommended to be used

Recommended cycle: 30 to 60 days

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